Uncategorized FHA & VA News!! FHA – FHA lowered the monthly mortgage insurance premium (MIP) by 30 BP! This is inspiring news for FHA buyers who need payment help.  The reduction means a drop from .85 BP per month to .55 BP per month for most scenarios – those putting minimum down on loans below $726,200. Effective March 20th , this move […]
Uncategorized Sellers: Don’t Be Surprised by Repairs Planning to sell your home? Don’t risk being blindsided by repairs identified by your buyer’s inspection.  Repairs or replacements that the homebuyer requires to be completed before closing on the sale of your home can blindside you if you’re not prepared. While any unforeseen expenses are an unwelcome surprise, you’ll still have to fix the […]
Uncategorized Do You Qualify for Ohio’s Welcome Home Grant Program? Wanting to buy a home in Ohio, but need assistance with the down payment? Ohio’s Welcome Home grant  program will be offering two opportunities this year to apply. The first half will start on February 6th, and the second half on July 6th. If the buyer qualifies, the grant program will give borrowers $10,000 toward down […]
Contract Can the Seller Break a Purchase Contract? Can a seller back out of a real estate contract? Yes, a seller can back out of a contract under certain circumstances. This article can help, if you have any questions. We are here to assist with as your #ForeverAgent. *As always, we do not provide legal advice, but are well versed in the purchase […]
Uncategorized Painful Heating Bill? Looking for ways to lower your energy bill? This #GTK article shares some simple steps you can take to make your home’s gas or electric heat usage more efficient. https://bhhsmarketingresource.com/library/master?view=cards&filters=eyJsYW5nIjpbIkVuZ2xpc2giXSwiYXJjaGl2ZWQiOltmYWxzZV0sInRlbXBsYXRlIjp0cnVlfQ&favorites=false&mcoverlayurl=%2Fdetail%2Fcampaign%2F42ca7a1c2998eb8187fbff02e6aae53e
Uncategorized Housing Outlook 2023 We’ve quickly begun a new year.  What will the new year bring for homebuyers, homeowners and sellers? The article below (link) article will help address your questions and of course, we are always here to help with your real estate needs and look forward to assisting you in this year! https://www.bhhs.com/blog/blog-detail/2022/12/housing-outlook-2023.html
Loans & Trends Talking Real Estate – January 2023 -Tobias & Maura Schmitt, BHHS Professional Realty This months “Talking Real Estate” finds us exploring mortgage interest rates rising. Homebuyers and sellers may be looking for easier ways to obtain loans, but any loan that isn’t conventional or government-guaranteed could put you at greater financial risk. As well as, everything old is new again, it’s true! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your […]
Uncategorized Which Remodeling Projects Bring the Most Joy? Evidently, painting, adding a home office and new hardwood floors were among the renovations that brought homeowners the most joy in the past year. How have you remodeled this past year? For DIY inspiration, click link below to read more on the BHHS blog. https://www.bhhs.com/blog/blog-detail/2022/06/which-remodeling-projects-bring-the-most-joy-.html
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